Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)

Halloween Sequence

Diamond Level Sequence

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

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A classic song with a very strong beat. Will make your Halloween and Holiday display glow.

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This sequence is on our 2022 Halloween layout. You will also get the Diamond Holiday Layout Bundled with this to run during both seasons. Display layout and includes all props seen, Lyric tracks , Mega tree and Matrices.


This is a sequence bundle, and you will get both the Halloween and Diamond Layouts and Sequences together so taht you can choose the format you want to use. Great to run as both Halloween and Holiday Shows.

Sequence includes AVI files for both the Mega Tree and P5 panel that can be used on almost any resolution tree or Matrix.

Sequence Notes

New Band Models have been added to the Arch Fans to give them better accuracy when running the sequence.

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