Diamond Series Sequences

Our Diamond Series Sequences are for mid-size to larger displays and contain both Mega Trees and Matrices. There is also both High and Low definition versions of the Matrices and Mega Trees.

Note: Some sequences are on the older format and do not have the HD props. Those are in the process of being updated. Look at the videos for eh sequences to see layout type.

Props Included:

  • Mega Trees (32 x 100 , 50 x 16)
  • P5 and Standard Matrices
  • Boscoyo PPD Wreath
  • 320 Wreath with flake
  • 3 and 6 layer stars
  • GE Spinarchy
  • Ice Queen Snowflake
  • GE 48 Snowflakes
  • Bigda Fans
  • Pixel Stakes
  • Small trees
  • Standard snowflakes
  • Arches
  • Column Matrices
  • Spinners
  • Candy Canes

Diamond Series Layout