About Us

How it Started

My family and I became holiday light enthusiasts (OK maybe just me) in 2010 using LOR software and a couple of sixteen channel controllers. Our show had no real theme and was a result of a local holiday decorating contest in our development. Although we did not win the prize that year, we were given a special certificate for best technical display. And so it began…….

The following year we were outside handing out Halloween candy when several of our neighbors came by and asked if we were doing our show again that year. They had family coming from out of town and they wanted them to see the show. Now the real pressure was on.

We decided we needed a theme, living in Florida, we decided to go tropical and develop a show around Jimmy Buffett’s version of Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian Christmas). We decorated the gutters with grass, bought some wire frame palm trees and flamingos (Stuck some 120VAC lights on them), made a couple giant surf-boards and built our first themed show. And the rest is history.


LOR was good to us but once we saw a demo of xLights and what it could do, we were hooked. In 2017 our show was converted from LOR to xLights and have not looked back. We still have many of the original props but they are all now made with Pixels. Staying true to our Floridian home, we keep a tropical theme.

Sequencing for a Cause

In 2017, I lost my mother-in-law and father to cancer three weeks from each other. I have had many friends battle cancer and recently lost my Brother-in-law this past April as well. . Through the years my family has volunteered for the American Cancer Society and done making strides. We met some amazing people and got their stories of survival.

With ten years of sequencing experience and a passion for supporting our community, Sequencing Solutions: “Sequencing for a Cause!” was born.  

The original plan was to donate a minimum of 15% of all proceeds from our sequences to the American Cancer Society. Due to the current situation in the world and the impact of the COVID-19 virus, we have decided for this year to change our direction and donate to Feeding America. FA provides meals to those in need and are located in every state of the US. We will also donate a portion of all sales to the xLights developers, without them, none of this would be possible.


We hope that during these trying times our sequences bring some joy and happiness to peoples lives. We are very grateful to the xLights community and developers. May all your shows sparkle and shine.