Platinum Membership Package

Platinum level memberships are perfect for those who are just starting out and want to add a professionally crafted sequences to their displays. Also provides a great start for expanding as your display grows. 

  • 16 x 50 Mega Trees.
  •  32 x 40 Matrix
  • Arches
  • Spiral trees
  • Mini Trees
  • Snowflakes
  • Icicles
  • House and Window Trim
  •  Spinners
  • Singing Element
  • Full Lyric Track

Membership Includes:

  • Monthly Sequence Code (Good for any Platinum Sequence)
  • 12 Total Sequences a Year
  • 20% off purchase of any additional sequence
  • 20% off future High Density, Mega Tree and Effect packs
  • Upgrade to a Diamond or Diamond plus plan at any time.
And remember that 20% of all memberships go to charity and    xLights !!!!

About Membership:

Each month, members will receive a download code for the monthly sequence. The code can be used to download the monthly sequence or any other sequence in the Platinum level store. Code will only be good for one sequence. 

New sequences will be added the first week of every month. 

Upgrade price will be calculated by taking the annual plan membership value and subtracting the balance of the Platinum Plan balance. (Calculated by the number of months left on the plan/12 times the original membership fee.) 


Annual Plan

$ 117.00/Annually
(That’s $9.75 for a Professional Platinum Level Sequence)

Cancellation Policy: All sales are final . Plans can be cancelled at any time but due to the nature of the purchase, no refunds will be provided.  Users will be given the remaining sequence codes in the plan as purchased until the plan runs out.